A totally different look at how we do church.

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“They must have come straight from the night club. Look at her dress! If it were any shorter it would be a belt. And that one over there has on pants so tight, I know somebody must have spray painted them on her. I’m sure she’ll have to have them scraped off. What makes people think they can come to church dressed like that?”




"Sister Odell should know her solo days left her a long time ago. She just needs to come up out of that choir stand and sit herself down with the rest of us.  And some of those praise dancers up there should know that they are not the right size to be up there twirling and prancing around like that.”

“I’m not at work! This is the church!  It’s ridiculous to have all of this training and these monthly meetings for church stuff. And can you believe we’re actually going to be evaluated every quarter by the ministry leader? We’re not getting paid for this.  We’re volunteers. This isn’t some big corporation. 

It’s only the church!”

Believe it or not, statements like these are spoken far too often in our houses of worship.  Church goers experience these same things during worship, at rehearsals, in meetings, in the parking lot and more.

Customer Service in God’s House (CSIGH) is my Kingdom Assignment, created to address those behaviors and attitudes that could very well make our “church customers” think about doing business elsewhere.  These are those very same attitudes and behaviors that can lessen a church’s opportunities to experience the spiritual and physical growth necessary to further the work of the Kingdom.

So take a look around and think about the customer service challenges your ministry is currently facing. Call me if you have questions. If you’re interested in having the workshop presented to your ministry, I’ll be more than happy to customize it just for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore CSIGH.

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Customer Service in God's House

Roz Tandy is the owner and training director of The LUKE Agency; a customer service, job readiness, entrepreneurial and leadership organization founded in 1998.  It is committed to promoting attitudes that will raise the standards and expectations a person has of him/herself and others. Roz's dedication, knowledge and vast experiences have made her a highly regarded trainer, facilitator, motivational speaker and presenter. 

The name, LUKE comes from an extremely focused mission that is innovativly evolving by maintaining its’:

Listening Ear

Understanding Heart

Consistent Seeking of Knowledge

Products of Excellence

This company is strategically designed to transform both church and business cultures by creatively addressing those less than favorable attitudes and behaviors.  These same attitudes and behaviors can too often compromise God’s house, in addition to compromising personal and business relations. This can make both churches and businesses intimidating and unwelcoming to people in need of a safe harbor and who are deserving of exceptional service.

Roz has consciously walked in the shoes and treaded the same life pathways of those desiring the skill sets and finesse necessary to acquire and maintain sustained employment, business ownership and leadership savvy. This is what positions her to make every attempt to understand where people are emotionally, psychologically, socially, culturally and spiritually.  This positions her as more measurable and strategically effective in this God driven endeavor.

Roz’s teaching is designed to meet people where they are and to get them moving in the direction/destiny they are designed to reach. She has continued to develop and expand this gift by remembering that the best place to learn is in front of the class as the instructor. The expansion of that gift has continued with the opportunities afforded her to share the CSIGH workshops at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Repairers of the Breach in Las Vegas, Atlanta’s Word of Faith Cathedral, Word of Faith Love Center, Light of Joy, Changing a Generation, Cascade UMC and many others.

Roz is a member of Word of Faith Love Center where Dr. Reginald Garmon serves as pastor and she serves in the Christian Education Department.

She is a life-long learner who believes "it is never too late to be what you could have become."





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Customer Service in God's House focuses on the behaviors and attitudes church folk display in and out of their houses of worship. Being judgmental, condescending, mean spirited, a gossip, having poor leadership skills are just a few of the very things discussed that can make a new or long standing member or visitor want to "do business elsewhere".


No matter how long you've been attending church, this scripturally based book will make you take a totally different look at how we do church.



For speaking inquiries and/or to book a training workshop, email Roz Tandy at email roztandy@csigh.net, call at 404.344.1000, or simply fill out the form below.

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