Customer Service in God’s House: For the General Church Congregation

This two hour interactive workshop focuses on the behaviors and attitudes worshipers display in their houses of worship. Being judgmental, condescending, mean spirited, a gossip, having poor leadership skills are just a few of the very things discussed that can make a new, long standing member or visitor want to “do business elsewhere”. 


  • Identifies and addresses the attitudes and behaviors worshippers bring that may prevent a person in need of spiritual support from ever coming or wanting to return to a particular place of worship.

  • Compares level of service received in the business world to the service received within the church

  • Mystery Worshippers utilized to identify victories and challenges within a congregation before and after workshop completion

  • A train the trainer component entitled F.I.T. (Facilitator In Training) is available to potential facilitators of this workshop.  




Customer Service in God’s House: Leadership Edition

Sessions vary from a two-hour presentation to a full day retreat. A comprehensive real-life reality check for new and existing leaders which explores a continuous leadership improvement plan that addresses the skills, gifting and willingness a leader must bring to the table in order to be an effective influence 

  •  Leadership Self-Assessment

  •  I Built It But No One Came™ 

  •  Uncovering the Terrorists Within 

  •  From Terrorist to Team Player 

  •  Equipping and Empowering Your Team 

  •  Effective Communication Skill



Customer Service in God’s House: For Ushers, Greeters and other Volunteers

Two hour session specifically designed for those who serve in the hospitality areas of the church

  • Recruitment 

  • Self-Assessment 

  • Gifts Assessment 

  • Worshipper Assessment 

  • Your function and your purpose 

  • Team Building 

  • Correctly Managing Challenging Situations